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Engineered for high-drain devices.

Advanced High Energy batteries are specifically engineered for use in your high drain devices such as digital cameras, MP3 players, video game controllers and high-powered toys.

For those electronics that require extra power, use Advanced High Energy batteries to maximize performance and keep your devices running longer.

Rayovac Batteries

Believe it or not, batteries have been a staple of modern life for over a century. Before the development of electrical power grids, batteries were the main source of power for most applications. Since the days of the telegraph, however, we’ve come a long way with the development of advanced batteries. Modern high capacity batteries have allowed us to power portable computers, mobile phones and even electric cars.

Amarillo Electric is proud to provide you with Royovac AA batteries that are guaranteed to last as long as other top-selling, more expensive brands. These high current AA batteries were designed for high-drain devices and electronics that require a lot of power: from digital cameras and MP3 players to video game controllers and high-powered toys. To maximize your devices’ performance and keep them running longer, search no further than high voltage batteries from Amarillo Electric.