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Omron Compact VFD’s & AC Drives

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) control electric motors by delivering different voltages and frequencies in alternating patterns. The primary benefit of a VFD is that it allows motors to run at speeds under the maximum limit, which is useful for meeting specific load requirements. VFDs work by diverting the flow of electricity through a converter composed of six diodes and a capacitor. Among the highest-rated VFDs are Omron variable frequency drives.

OOmron relays and drives are known for their quality and reliability, and they provide a way to help you increase energy efficiency and control. When you need an Omron frequency inverter, which is simply another name for a VFD, contact Amarillo Electric Specialists. We carry VFD’s with varying horsepower and voltage limits. In the end, we proudly offer the lowest prices on Omron VFDs that you will find in traditional stores or online.